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Midwest Press Brake Dies founded in 1970 has established an industry wide reputation for quality, integrity, service, and attention to detail, which remains unsurpassed. Even our website designed by us is head and shoulders above the rest. We always strive to communicate value, reliability and timeliness with every order we ship.
Our reputation covers all corners of the globe as we are called upon for the most technically challenging jobs. Jobs others misquote or no quote! Yet due to our dedication to providing low cost high tech solutions our customers can rest easy with every order. We have the latest in software from 2d to 3d. From testing new procedures in our Press Brakes the old fashioned way to computer animated simulation programs using the latest in Finite Element Analysis techniques. Our customers rest easy knowing that our Autodesk certified engineers are always using the latest to drive customer success.
Midwest also values the simple orders with our famous attention to detail and care in packaging so that your order will arrive safe and in perfect working condition! Business with Midwest Press Brake Dies is always rated superior by customerís weather you phone, mail, fax, e-mail, surf our website or visit us in person. You the customer are the most important person. You are the reason for our work and we are dependant upon your happiness for our continued success. We welcome any opportunity to serve you better by meeting your needs or even to surpass them!
Midwest Press Brake Dies, General Purpose Tool lineup provides the most basic types used in press brake bending and press brake forming. These tools can perform, acute to obtuse angles of bend, single or multi-bend shapes, many with air bend capacities. Produced to industry standards and designed for diversity of performance, they are manufactured in quantity for maximum economy of purchase.
Midwest Press Brake Dies Acutuf tooling, unless otherwise indicated, is made from pre-hardened chrome-carbon brake die steel with a mean 280 Brinnell hardness throughout, with excellent compressive strength and wear characteristics it tends to work harden as it is used. It can be modified or re-machined without annealing or re-hardening.
All Midwest Press Brake Die tooling is precision machined with extra care given to applying our unique tool finish, which reduces part marking. For over 35 years, the Midwest finish has been easily recognized and admired, but has yet to be duplicated. This combined with carefully engineered radii on punches and dies, reduces tonnage and marking. Precision grinding is also available by Midwest Press for the ultimate in precision.
Midwest Press Brake Die tools are available in multiples of short precision matched lengths to facilitate lightweight handling during set-up and removal or, to avoid multiple handlings, economical one-piece lengths ranging from 2'-30í in 2' increments.
Many sizes and lengths of Midwest Press Brake Dies General Purpose punches and dies are in stock to provide off the shelve service.
Standard on-center mounting tangs for Midwest Press Brake Dies tools are normally 1/2" wide by 5/8" deep, where a punch is to be sectioned as in box forming or where weight or stripping pressure can cause extreme downward pull from ram slot we recommend addition of a safety lip as seen in standards page 1.
All Midwest Press Brake Dies general purpose tools can be modified to accommodate special angles, radii, clearances etc.
To offset severe work conditions, added wear life for Midwest Press Brake Dies punches and dies can be obtained by flame hardening to approximately 460-514 Brinell.
Through smart machining practices generated by experience in the design and building of press brake tooling dating back to 1970, Midwest Press Brake Dies pricing can be relied upon to be highly competitive.